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I have spent the past two decades providing progressive mentoring, guidance and coaching to a wide variety of clients, counseling numerous individuals, groups and organizations in the community toward greater life and career satisfaction. My experience spans the globe and I am in ongoing communication with clients from various countries working in a broad range of industries. Educated at the most progressive and challenging public high school and university in New Orleans, I have learned from the best within a heart of multiculturalism and a rapidly developing urban center. My degrees and certifications include Master of Education in Community Counseling, Bachelor of Arts in English, German Proficiency B2 and various counseling certifications. Experience in various industries and organizations as well as specialized university degrees and certifications contribute to my excellence in providing high quality life and career coaching and resume writing services.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Monday, November 14, 2016

Smarts Hold It Together

Sometimes one feels full of despair knowing the problems caused by people in the surrounding environment. It can be difficult to be on the strong side of smarts, because stupid people with bad reasons for doing silly things make life difficult. This happens on the job, at home, it happens everywhere, even at the highest levels of organizations. Knowing what's best for the organization as a whole doesn't always mean that the best ideas and people win out in the end. Often, it's a struggle just to keep one's head above water in a sea of stupidity. However, it's important to not lose faith, to not be silent, to keep pushing ahead with good ideas and to voice the problems as well as the necessary solutions. Every organization needs smart people, even when the smarts are not acknowledged, not the winning ideas. Breathe through the dumbness and know that you are one of the few who is holding it all together. The world needs people who patiently trod through the bad ideas until, eventually, the best ones emerge. If an organization consistently makes bad decisions, know that there are others out there who are ready and willing to hire a beautiful mind. Struggling to stay afloat of ignorance sometimes means that a change is necessary. Whether you stay in a position or seek a new one, rest assured that you are not alone in knowing that good ideas fall on deaf ears. Become skillful in voicing your smarts and convincing people that your way is the right one. Know what you're saying, be confident in speaking and try your best to invest your ideas in the most fruitful places.